Jack Hastie

Born in Essex, London. My interest in exploration and design led me into studying architecture at the University of Greenwich in 2014. I had no idea how much the process would change my perspective on the world around me. It allowed me to delve deeper into my interest in film, photography and the process of making. Where, after three years, I found that my enthusiasm for design does not lie solely within architecture but within the ability to craft the world we live in and the ones we imagine.

Living on the outskirts of London allowed me to gain an appreciation for nature and an understanding of its importance. It introduced me to spaces of detachment, where the concept of time was removed. As more and more of my time is spent in the city, it is these moments which I strive for. "Deep thought requires solitude and privacy" Louis Kahn. The photo above is one I took whilst in Tokyo on an early morning excursion to the Meiji Jingu in Shibuya. All spaces are designed for people, but some have further meaning. Some spaces have a sense of respect, for its surroundings and for its purpose.


The Common Palace : Year 3

In a Post-Brexit world where Westminster Palace is left to fall into disrepair, this project proposes that the contemporary power of the House of Commons relocate to Southend-on-Sea. The project takes inspiration from the short story 'The library of Babel' by Jorge Luis Borges, to derive landscapes, object and alphabets. With these forms and the introduction of the tide, I can then use them to explore the necessary secrecy of conversation spaces, in which most of the decision-making is being made.

The Serious Service of Blood : Year 2

In 2016 there was a peak in terrorist attacks which were covered by mainstream media in the UK. It seemed that every front page had an image with the caption 'People line the streets to donate blood for the wounded after terrorist attack in the city'. With the unit brief focusing on the typology of banks, I wanted to reflect this situation by proposing a Blood Donation Bank which monitors the fluctuation in the demands for blood and acts as a beacon to mobilise donators.